​ Illuminate Me

Within (without pretense)
All created things
Comes existing something
Noted in the harmonics
the source of this fabric
Not in the tone
Not in the fibers
Not in the unaware unwinding
energy but in the binding back
The solid geometry itself
Recognizing us close at hand
Like the cold of a weapon
In the heart of the seeker
Abiding there
Tho on the face of it
Nothing showing here
surviving the faint ideal of
This grand impermanence
The forces behind the words of life
talking in veins
separated from their meaning
seeds floating upon and throughout us
In this space breathing, a labor of love, like the soldier leaf forever tethered to the wind
it takes her a lifetime to collect the paints of a colorless sun
To begin again
Blind from inside
The midnight of existence
The weakest one
beneath the deepest womb
 of this untold black world..,
 there strives another, feeding
 on the faint light
 of the birth its own soul


s​o fragile is the line
​t​he rational pointer
​t​he greatest of all artifacts
​​needing it completed
as a crutch
to continue its circus of certainty
​t​he perpetual fall from grace
​i​tself as powerful as only
​t​his can be but
​t​he rain

en course


Gaze upon the objects of the world
without light

Listen, as the subject in composition
without thinking

Taste the sweetness of knowing
without singing

Feel the entirety of this all
beyond the skin of living

Know the fierceness of love
hiding behind the gentle passing

Open the door to the mirror
shining outside perception

Walk within the heart of words
as a pathway to the unspeakable


china doll

Light Girl Rises, broiling body – like the sun in the center of
this world
She beams bright the power in an iridescent fire
Yes, lipping the sweet coolness of a sleepy pond
Palms plump teeming with the life of soft jewels
Gripping the heart of a boy who sees her showering
Hot – growing brisk and fine
he knows
In her own secret radiance
Their shine

If and Of

If I am to understand the physical world
in its complete and natural state of information

then here and not before
the dirt becomes
the method of its mass
the word of its mouth
the brilliance in movement
the source simple of energy
the silence waving from behind
the eye rapid in reflection
the light mask
in all its variations
washes the slate of awareness
free from
an unlatched
and something
Of this

Timbre. Stopped. Begin

Standing in the trees talking amongst themselves
A very real and certain dialect detected
A regional addendum
A Savoir faire
Bold yet humble
A mumble
As if it is today…
A novice propulsion
The birth of the last
The thirst of the first
A constants of yielding
An ancient practice of humming under death
As if It is today…
I listen
As I too die in becoming
Sight as in hearing
And listening believing

reel 1




you are that star
you are traveler
you come here
and actually know..
create a boundary sufficient
enough to make this so
so “real”
that we vow..
take it upon ourselves
to recognize
and reproduce
that can look back
and smile
like an entire
world of wild daisies
bound tight
to a field
of amorphous certainty
you are that
and every bit of this